13 Feb 2011
Jan 12, 2010
Discussion on the Reading
importance of the audience – people miss the audience when looking at making money
used to think that is was what they wanted and not what the customer wanted
internal marketing is important – sends a message – because so many people move
through it is important to know that people know the company
how do you remove barriers so that people can come to the arts events? – consider how to
remove those barriers? – make it as easy as possible for people to do what you want them
to do
how do you latch on to individuals in the first place?
Give new things 3 years to build the audience
Greatest indicator that someone will come to your show is if they have attended before or
attended an event like it in the past
An official or sanctioned group of people who may intend an event – know who you are
selling to so that you do not alienate a group of people
How can you make a hybrid of profit and not for profit? Don’t follow stereotypes of the
two sectors
Segmentation – wont always know why all the segments will attend
Many reasons why people choose to go to events
Once you have determined the type of people come to your events – how do you
communicate to those people to come to your events – mostly the people who are the
least expensive to reach are the ones you already have or the ones that are most likely like
the ones you already have
Ottawa Little Theatre – in business since 1928 – has a broad capacity – in the last 10
years it has relied on subscriptions – it owns a 450 seat house in downtown Ottawa – over
the last decade subscriptions have fallen from 4000 a year to 800 a year – there were 9
people on staff who were there 30 plus years – this is a not for profit where the staff are
salaried but the actors are amateur – they put on what the board of directors wants – the
board of directors realized that they were running deficits and needed to do something –
so they put all those 9 people on one years notice and hired someone to clean up – she
spend from November to February observing and then let 2 people go – then she
redistributed the work load – she has 5 people including herself in the company now
only 2 or 3 of the originals left – she is offering flex packs for subscriptions
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