VPMB82 Lecture 12

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11 Apr 2012
VPMB82 Lecture 12
5 major eras of rock & pop
1) Classic Rock n`Roll (c.a. 1955-64)
-teen culture
-racial tensions
-parental backlash
-worried that kids would turn into African & black
British Invasion (1963-70)
-Beatles, Rolling stones, The Who
-cultural assimilation of rock
-Beatles: made rock more acceptable
-increasing complexity of lyrics & music
-lyrical topic, more artistic, political issue, drug addiction
-re-invent themselves, did not repeat ideas
-modernism, being new & original
-blues influence
2) Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal (1972-80)
-Led Zeppelin, The Who, ACDC/ Metallica
-commercialization of rock (business
-unison, powerful chord
-stadium shows, huge tours, theatrics
-hedonism, excess
3) Disco (1972-79)
-dance music culture
-excess in life style
4) Punk (1977-85)
-DIY aesthetic
-US Punk (New York/ Detroit)
-Ramones, Blondie, Iggy Pop
-teenage boredom
-British punk (Londoné Manchester)
-more politicized (anarchy)
-Sex Pistols, Clash, The jam
5) Hip Hop/ Rap (1977-Present)
-MCing (rap)
-punk: not about musical beauty, intentionally make it ugly
-break dancing
-inversion of rock or classical aesthetic
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