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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Lauren Cruikshank

Lecture 1110419 617 PM 07Laurencruikshankutorontoca M 1230 230 pm PO 104114 416 208 5117The role of women as authors audiences and subjects of media Media is changing overtime The way women are represented where they are absent or present in media Eg Congresswoman shot there has been a lot of media published on this situationo Sarah Pallins view on this is opposite this is obvious through her target list cross on with gun sites on regions which oppose the health debatereload on her twittero There is details on this situation on facebook twitter YouTubethe media has framed Sarah Pallin as the villain where the congresswoman is the victim Week 2 Magazines and AdvertisingWeek 3 Feminism Film and the Gaze Week 4 Gender and Childrens Media Week 5 Journalism Women and News Week 6 VDay Workshop Violence against women in media Week 7 TV genres and Genders Week 8 Women on the Web Week 9 Video games and virtual worlds Week 10 Sporting Gender Week 11 Music Music video and representation Week 12 ChicklitExam Review In class Participation 5 thSocial Media Participation 5 Jan 24April 4Essay Proposal 20 Feb 7 45 pages double spaced stCritical essay 35 March 21810 pages double spacedFinal Exam 35Lecture 2 MagazinesAdvertising 110419 617 PM Womens magazines are very popular and controversial Advertising is ubiquitous its everywhereyou cannot escape the power of advertising And in different media you have different types of adsIf there was no advertising content there would be no magazines and tva lot of the media is because of advertisingThe average person thinks advertising doesnt affect them but often when they talk about society it reflects what they learn about advertising Womens and Mens Lifestyles MagazinesWomens Bridal Pregnancy Fashion Hairsub genres of womens life styles magazines o 70 of teenage girls buy magazines When adolescents are struggling with their identity magazines is one of the thing hat they turn too They steer these young girls on the path of consumerism what can you buy to look and feel betterMedia Model 1 hypodermic NeedlesA needle in your arm that shoots the information in your body They load it up and you receive itthat is the metaphor that magazines As an audience we are manipulated by the creators of media and our thinking can be easily swayed by mediaThe assumption that the audience is passive we dont have a role This theory is now still quoted in terms of moral panic crisis todayFor example if you are exposed to violent television or media you are likely to become a violent individual o We shouldnt expose young girls to the sexualized texts of magazines that may manipulate them to believe they need to be skinnyMedia Model 2 Uses and GratificationsGives the audience more credit and an active role in media it suggests that people make use of media for a vierty of purposes to satisfy their needs informationnews geography entertainment diversion or identity making needs In this model the individual has power and attempt to satisfy those needs Media Model 3 Active AudienceWe now understand the individuals receive and interpret text in a variety of ways which is influenced by their social circumstances age class race social standing This idea is based that the reader decodes the text differentlyThe producer tries to get the message across and position the message in a certain way so everyone can universally read it the same o Agenda SettingThe media puts certain topics in front of you what you will and will not see You see this often in news certain stories will rise abut other news stories that may be just as important may drop away because they are not agenda items o Framing Those agenda items are put in a frame so you know how to interpret and think of itthe contextAs audience members can we can acceptagree or agree with those coded meaningsWe can refine We can accept but also modify it believe it or tweak it Or we can reject the dominant readingThey can also rework itremixes mashups Someone taking up a media context and completely reworking it to givean entirely different meaningthe producerconsumer line is blurry We are so innodated with simulations with fake thingsthat it is our reality We are so used to understanding our experiences by media In this media environment how much power does the consumer have
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