Linguistics-Lecture 3-Conversation and Narration Jan 22 2009

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23 Aug 2010
January 22, 2009
Lecture 3: Conversation and Narration
x Conversation
o Turn taking
o Inner conversation- VXSHUHJRWKH³2WKHU´ZLWKLQ
o The self as conversation
x Narration
o Narration in conversation
When we meet, we tell stories (non-fiction)
o The self story
x Taking, holding, relinquishing the floor (chapter 2)
x The back channel and filled pauses
Non-Verbal Clues
x Gaze
o Western world, expected to look at person who is talking to you
o Confirms right to hold the floor
x Gestures
o Communication through gestures
o Gestures= form of turn taking (raising hand- classroom)
x Posture and Muscle Tension
o Clues as to whether conversation should go on or not
Cultural and Ethnic Differences
x We maintain a space bubble
x If people enter our space bubble, we move back
x CDN space bubble
x Borat Episode
o He asked to be trained in polite USA conversation
x Gaze as a non verbal clue
o In Canada it is disrespectful to not look at someone while they are talking
x Debra Tannen: Jews and Sociability of argument
o The family that argues opt together stays together (Jews)
x Colonial Populations
o During colonial period, English people ruled many other colonies->
x Kipling- ³6XOOHQ0DVVHV´
o Exact opposite
o They were not talking to Kipling due to the colonial situation
o ³/RRNDWPHZKHQ,WDONWR\RX´- Teacher to child etc
Gender Differences
x Do women talk more than men?
o Gender relations involve power
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