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Archaeology-Chapter 10-The Upper Paleolithic and Peopling of the New World Nov 20 2008

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

Reading Notes 11-20-08 Chapter 10: The Upper Paleolithic & Peopling of the New World Upper Palaeolithic Cultures O Upper Palaeolithic: the period associated with the emergence of MH and their spread around the world O Mesolithic: the archeological period in the Old World beginning about 12,000 BC. Humans were starting to settle down in semi permanent campsvillages as ppl began to depend less on big game and more on relatively stationary food resources: fish, shellfish, small game, wild plants (rich in crabs, protein, oils) O emergence of art- painting on cave wallsstone slabs, carving tools, decorative objects, personal ornaments (out of bone, antler, shell etc) O Larger sites, human population increased, O New inventions- bowarrow, spear thrower, tiny replacement blades The Last Ice Age O Glaciers covering Europe as far as Berlin and Warsaw, NA-> Chicago O To the south of these glaciers fronts was a tundra zone extending in Europe to the Alps, and in NA to the Ozarks, Appalachians, well out onto the great plains O Different climate compared to today- average annual temperatures were as much as 10 degrees Celsius, changes in ocean currents (temp contrasts-extreme) O Europe- heavy snowfall, N Africa- much wetter than today, S Asia- drier O Large animals (Megafauna)- Siberian mammoths, sloths, wooly rhinoceros, giant deer Upper Palaeolithic Europe O
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