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Maggie Cumming

Pg 143 (in search of r) 3 key points in the argument - 1) Everyone involved in the underground economy are victimized. Yes they are vicims but they don’t accept it. - 2) Embracing street culture is one of the ways they resist the structural forces in the underground economy. - 3) They ultimately make it worse for theirselves by doing these. Mostly inhabited by Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico - Back a few centuries – It was held by the Spanish. It was a highly sought after spot, because of its excellent location. Resource – Sugar and something else. - It was a really important military site. - This helps us understand structural factors. - Later on, U.S took it. - More important for military than economic so creating a viable economy wasn’t the main goal. - Used economically for some plantation work. - Agro- business companies were forced out into BIG PLANTATIONS. The workers from small farms were called to work in the big plantations. - Some ppl didn’t wanna work in plantations.- Jibaros. - Jibaro – Hillbillies of Puerto Rico. - They resisted state control and labour. - Puerto Rico now depends n cheap manufacturing and some pharmaceuticals. - They started migrating into the U.S, particularly to New York. - More PR than Irish. - A lot of jobs. - After world war 2, jobs shifted to the service sector from manufacturing. - Especially - > Finance , Real Estate business. (FIRE SECTOR) - People were still coming for manufacturing work from PR. - PR moved into east harlem o Buzwa point out something about them. o Once East Harlem was easily accessible. o But not close to real estate. o Waves and Waves of ppl moving in. o Alberio - > It was a Jewish neighbourhood. o Thn it was Afro American - ? something Italian. o Italians were poorly received. They were from the very south of Italy. o Racialization of this neighborhood. They it was PR. o It was the place to go if you were looking for trouble. o Sicilians o Pg. 60.- were seen as racial something. o They experienced all kinds of racism. o Scientific racism too. - Italian mother – cow and
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