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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - pp. 264-271, Origins and Development of Complex Society

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Christopher Watts

Lecture 6Origins and Development of Complex SocietyMonday October 24 2011612 PM Research paper is due four weeks from today November 21 in lectureNew weeks tutorials are devoted to improving writing and research skillsBring questions IntroductionWhat is Complex Society Modelling the Development of Complex Society What is Complex SocietyTypically associated with chiefdoms and states as opposed to bands and tribes a lot simpler huntergatherers ChiefdomsoLarger than bands and tribes 5 00020 000 peopleoKinbased ranking under hereditary leaderoEconomy based on tributeredistribution unlike bands and tribesThey pay a portion of their yield to the chief the chief is supported oSettlement centressecularsacred Ancient ChiefdomsCatalhoyuk Turkey EuropeAnd hundreds more around the world What is Complex Society Cont States PreIndustrialoLarger than chiefdoms generally 20 000 peopleoClassbased hierarchy under kingemperoroLaws bureaucracy taxation standing armiesoCitiespalaces temples public buildingsoArchaeological Example all ancient civilizations Ancient High CivilizationsMesopotamia ca 3200 BCNile Valley ca 3000 BCIndus Valley ca 2500 BC border of IndiaPakistanNorth China ca 2000 BCMesoamerica ca 1500 BCSouth America ca 1500 BC What is Complex Society Cont For V Gordon Childe 1952 states wereoCentralized authorities with the power to taxsurplus production derived from intensive lands use and increased productivity
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