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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Annette Bickford

ANT204 Lecture 3 January 25 2012Readings MAIN one to focus on for test and tutorial is the National Geographic article Last Week Early cartography ways of representing the Earth Mercator traditional and Peters Colonialism in Africa trade routes in Africa Today Representations of the Other Vogue IndiaHumour is a good conduit for hate messagesPromotes OthernessPicturesque povertyHighlights contrast with rich and poor Displays National Geographic ArticleSocial Evolutionism OUTLINE under Content in BlackboardAnthropology as a discipline emerged in the late nineteenth centuryBritish and N America were full of apex of civilization When anthropologists first started out they started use evolutionary models Argues that societies have gone from primitive to civilized progress 1877 classified societies as either civilized or barbaricBiosocial explanations biological differences of how people have evolved through struggles of survivalSociobiology Biological determinism certain of our social characteristics are innateadaptive Social evolution went through a period where it was rejected for its claims of western superiority Saw societies as species that had struggled for survival
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