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Annette Bickford

ANT204H1S FEB 8 2012 The Human Zoo – animal ANTHROPOLOGY 1. Evolutionary anthro 2. Anthromorphism Alfred Kroeber  Argue that we don’t have human intact  Innate instinctual behaviour of insects and learned cultural behaviour of human (common set of understanding about how the world work)  Defines anthropology now Behaviour – instinctual if they are:  Relatively complex  Unlearned  Invariant among species member Reflex: simple respond if you sense danger Nature – culture debate  Care a lot about them in psychology, anthropology, sociology  Why? o Ethical issues o Power: if we say it’s genetic, so you can’t change it, you just have to deal with it. If you say its culture, then you can alter them and make changes Socio-biology: naturalizes domination  Evolutionary anthropology o Models of explanation, from simple to the complex o Problematic assumption about western superiority – others are survival of the species, to o Britain and north America – push the ideas of progress about the idea of civilization in relation to colonizes groups o Survival of the fittest o Prevalence to hierarchical arrangement  Racism Approve these notions  Sexism  Sociobiologist – genetic inheritance and all about adaptation  Slave ants:  Rape in mallard ducks: because its so simplistic, its too easy to wrap it on human  Adultery in mountain bluebirds:  Human are constitutes by culture  Culture was not
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