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University of Toronto St. George
Carl Knappett

FAH423H1 - Lecture 2 (September 19th) Arthur Evans vision of Knossos and the Minoans has very much been perpetuated in the last century • Is this because what he envisioned was largely correct and we don’t need to fix it? • Or have we been subject to indoctrination? Sinclair Hood - Early Athens School archeologist at Knossos who is still alive past 90 (not weak willed) Archeologists of the 60s-80s worked within the context of Evan’s vision, although they knew its challenges/problems Colin Renfrew, The Cyclades and the Aegean in the 3rd Millennium BCE • His model based archeology (anthropological - designed in the US) • Brought together two completely different archaeological types - classical and anthropological • Classical: Explanation of history revealed through archeology will become com- mon sense • American: Explanation of history is based on the groups, people who lived there (anthropological) - “processional archeology” • Colin smashed these two together Endogenous change • Efforts made in the 1970s to understand internal processes of change • Society as a system composed of interacting subsystems • Changes are dampened down to maintain equilibrium • Renfrew is all about the economy, where Evans was all about priest-kings, placing the emphasis on the sacred • Complex society as an efficient adaptation benefiting all others through a marx- ist approach - what goes up stays up • Each segment of society has its own place - arguably too mechanistic as a de- vice Colin Renfrew believed that changes leading up to the palace period can be traced throughout the society of the mediterranean leading up to it Surplus of resources may have lead to craft specialization and emergence of luxury metal goods “local changes” - stemming from the earth
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