FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Landform, Dorothea Lange, Utopia

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10 Apr 2013
February 27, 2013
Landscape Architecture
Landscape as region
Bernett and Bennet used plan of Chicago to argue and establish Chicago as the
commercial capital of newly power nation
Imperial power victory of Spanish war
Chicago in 50yrs had been principal
Plan of Washington 0boroque
William plan in …
3rd Versailles =members
16th-18th cent. Paris under napoleon the 3rd his deputy and landscape architect.
Boulevard urban plans and image and experience made reference to od powerful
imperial cities
Assertion of political and economical power. Practical capitalist street concerned
with railways and transportation. Railways individually within each city
Logical infrastructure meant better and more profitable cities.
Simplification of rail.. in Chicago
Forbidding of traffic to enter center of city
Chicago Louve is were all trains and commuter lines and elevated railroad go
Intersection btw utilitarian Chicago grid centered on very large city center never
built bellow is Ottawa monumental scale new boulevard proposed.
North American elite fell in love with renaissance gardens of Italy.
Photography and paintings of garden brought back from Italy.
Parriisch painting from Italian villas and their gardens.
Ladnte Bengnaia. Like Burnham Plat turned observations of Europe into new design
proposals. Motifs into garden of farm in Brooklyn Massachusetts.
Villa lontai drive runs parallel to the house doesn’t lead directly to the house which
is on a terrace below it is one set of garden beside it is another. View of landscape
beyond while on drive. Come in on long drive flower gardens beside house and
below and service court to the side not exactly the same but a borrowing and
translation of organization patterns and garden types wildly diff from Olmsted firm
would have produced.
Folklore farm in Brooklyn Massachusetts
Crash of stock marked in 1929 next wave had already started to emerge driven by
new technologies and commitment to progress and to look forward not back.
Automobile telephone airplane inventions
Landscape and progress
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