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2011-10-13 Art History The Gothic Cathedral: Chartres “Gothic” - coined by the Italian artists’ biographer Giorgio Vasari around 1550. - Criticizes the non-classical portions of some French and German structures (Romanesque) - Fashioned the vaults with pointed arches of quarter circles, and filled all Italy with these damnable buildingsRomanesque Romanesque Gothic - Painting dominates the visual - Architecture and light dominates aspect of the walls. Imperfections - Big windows and stained glass of the buildings were often windows covered up with paintings. - Associated with the feudal system - Few small windows - Related to the house of the French - i.e. Berzé-la-ville(France) kings (the Capetian dynasty) - I.e. Noyon Cathedral The Seven Liberal Arts - Elementary group (Trivium): First embracing grammar, rhetoric, dialectic: the sciences of language, of oratory, of logic or language studies - Intermediate group (quadrivium): Arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music: uppermost, terminal grade. Gothic Architecture - Birthplace : Ile- de-France (also politically domain of the Capetian dynasty of kings) - Not a logical sequel to Romanesque architecture not an antithesis of Romanesque building principles - Characterized by the coordination and transformation of many Romanesque elements, resulting in an architectural system that was novel and distinct from the Romanesque art. - Typical Gothic elements: pointed arches, ribbed vaults, big windows, light , etc. and how these elements are amalgamated in their coherent system based on theology and architectural theory Science - 11 , 12th and especially 13 thcentury: scientific approach to, and the awakening of a whole century that is marked by the growing desire to explore and to measure the natural and divine cosmos of mankind - An illustration from the frontispieces Moralized Bible from the first third of the thirteenth century depicts God creating cosmos with a compass- “God the architect” - Understood that God created the universe based on geometrical laws. - Application of Geometrical principles: not just limited to purely theoretical and technical realmNOYON LAON PARIS CHARTRES REIMS AMIENS NOYON LAON PARIS CHARTRES REIMS AMIENS - Three personalities of the ancient and Renaissance times: Platon, Augustine and Pseudo- Dionysius - Mathematical (analogical) meaning: going beyond the superficial belief or science by making a connection between appearances t
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