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19 Apr 2012

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Art History 2011-10-27
The Renaissance man: Leonardo Da Vinci
A new Perspective
- 1400 Renaissance: Antiquity, illusion of space (3D perspective in paintings)
- Before, they did not apply mathematical and geometrical principles
- In 1300: perspective and indication of volume, proposition= becomes an issue
- Artists strived to achieve realism
Giovanni Batista Alberti (1404-1472)
- Invented the linear perspective
- Wrote
On painting
On Architecture
- Humanist scholar, natural scientist, architect and cryptographer. Pioneer of the Italian
vernacular. Transformed the theory of arts
- Revolutionary: viewers of the painting felt like the painting was like looking at a real
- Depending on where the vanishing point is, it changed the perspective of a painting
Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)
- Athletics, music, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, town planning, perspective,
optics, astronomy, etc. Explored so many fields
- Too well-know biography is 생략하겠음
- Wrote a memoir (The Notebooks) written in mirror image
- He utilized geometrical proportions and mathematical principles when painting
- Madonnas of the Rocks ( one in Louvre and one in National Gallery). The settings of the
paintings were the same. Dan Brown, in his famous book
The Da Vinci Code
claims that
there are hidden symbolisms in the first copy and Da Vincis painting was rejected from
the church and therefore, the second one was painted innocent of symbolism. However,
what really happened is that Leonardo wanted more money for the painting from what
was promised by the church for The Virgin of the Rocks. The Church only agreed to a
little extra money. Da Vinci sold the painting to a private collector and made a second
copy to sell to the church
- Sfumato 기법: Thin application of oil paint
- Adoration of the Magi: unfinished and is a sketch of this as well in the Uffizi museum
- The Last Supper in Santa Maria della Grazie (Milan): oil and tempera on plaster= It was an
unfortunate technique. It rapidly started peeling off. The state it is in today is its restored
version but it lost its original splendor. Linear perspective rule was applied
Mona Lisa
- Unique painting. It was stolen on August 22, 1911 by an Italian thief Perruggia.
- It became the landmark of the western culture. It was returned and became famous.
- Why is she smiling?: Vasari, in his book
said that Leonardo had jesters and
musicians to amuse her so that she‟ll smile beautifully, which then he captured onto the
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