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Week 9Psychoanalysis MarxismVernon Hyde Minor chapters 17 12 o Psychoanalysis and Art HistoryThe unconscious and the reductiveThe artist doesnt really know what he or she is doing and its all result of an illness anyhowThe critic must accept that much of what appears in a work of art was not present in the artists conscious mind and in the second that art can be reduced to a few basic human drives o The Id Ego Superego and States of UnconsciousnessThe I or ego seems to be a part of ourselves that is most insistently the essence or core of who we areDevelops from the id seeks in some degree to control it and is our interface with the worldEvolves from our life experiencesHas the task of selfreservation it performs that task by becoming aware of stimuli by storing up experiences about them by avoiding excessively strong stimuli by dealing with moderate stimuli and finally by learning to bring about expedient changes in the external world to its own advantageControls consciousness primarily with languageSeeks acceptable outlets for our erotic drivesIn a more primary way is the it or id the place of instinctive or sexual desirePleasure principle reignsContains everything that is inherited that is present at birth that is laid down in the constitutionabove all therefore the instincts which originate from the somatic organization ad which find a first physical expression here in forms unknown to usAs a result of our long period of childhood we learn about ourselves in a larger sense from our parents from our cultural social and economic milieu and from educational institutions and historyThis authoritarian system implants itself within us as the superego our moral ethical and civilized centerThe source of repression also can cause problemsFrustrates and deny erotic drivesWhen the superego functions in harmony with the ego we probably will remain free of neurosisOne kind of unconsciousness is sleeping a time when the ego rests and allows its boundaries to come down
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