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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Susan Pfieffer

AST251 January 16 2012 Physics Simpler to have sun in center occams razorKepler no move in circles but in ellipses question why ellipses Galielo saw the moons of Jupiter venus show facesThe laws of kepler orbits sun on elliptical orbit in focus move fastes closest to the sun and slower further away away is same over certain time same arearelation orbital period and distance doestntell us how moons orbitNewton gravity more powerful any two objects attract each other with certain force depends on masses and idstance inverse square force between objects What does force do to objects 3 laws 1 object in constant unless force acts 2 accel is dteremined by force and mass is momentum 3 opposite reactive force first 2 with graviy not enough to describe rdmotion 3 law3 simple laws redict motion of a celestial bodies in the solar system even moons however needed thcorrection in the 20 century more powerful predicts keplers and predicts for any objectIt works but how mercury doesnt move like it should newtons law didnt work first timeIn a distance how to does gravity work way around both was relativity deforms space time space time are curved comet moves in a staright line as it can set up sun curves space time and curvatates to where the planets are also explains 1 100 ddegree of aphelion precession per century gps wouldnt work unless u take in relativity effect Energy kinetic energy potrential energy radiation all can be converted into each otherChem energy into kinetic to potential Atoms very tiny 10 to negative 10 meters nucleus positive pro and neutral neutrons electron opp negative charge atom empty space tiney nuc in middleChemical prop determined by the number of electronsnumber of protons determins element different neurtons isotopes neutral same number of e and p ionized is missing e an ionized H is a bare protonAtomic number counts protons number superscript is the mass pr and neutrons caabon 12 13 and 14 same numerb of protons Molecules combine atoms to molecules share electrons prganic is carbon molecules two or more atoms compounds two different atoms carbon 4 connections H usually because very simple
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