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18 Apr 2012
Lecture 13- largely historical
1 central unifying concept in biology
-living things change gradually from one thing to another
- static world replaced with ever changing world
- it is a phenomena with no purpose, blind mechanistic process which is forever
2. Development
jean Baptiste Lamarck, 1744-1829, first used term evolution, linear path to
evolution, no tree, no branches as a result of inheritance of acquired traits. Giraffes
neck gets longer for tree. One generation gets longer neck and passes on trait. I get a
tan, doesn’t mean I will pass on tanned skin. WRONG MECHANISM
august Weismann- germ plasma theory. 1834-1914
Pasing on occurs through gametes, not somatic cells.
DNA Protein
Discovery of correct mechanism
1. Alfred Douglas Wallace(naturalist who idealized Darwin) 2. Charles Darwin.
Events leading up to “the origin of species”
- after return from return of beagle 20 years taken up with accumulation of
evidence for the theory of evolution
- 1844: wrote but did not publish an essay on natural selection
- 1856: began work on natural selection
- June 1858: received “ on tendancy of varieties to depart indefinitely from the
original type” by A.R Wallace
- July 1858: linean society presentation in London of Darwin Wallace paper
(jointly presented, neither present) (wasn’t to controversial)
- 1859: publication of “the origin of species by means of natural selection or
the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. (0nce published It
became big deal)
Trip on beagle
- influenced by John. S henslow
- H.M.S beagle 1831-1836
- Made numerous observations and collections of plants, animals and fossils
- Returned to England and spend the rest of his life in seclusion at down house
developing his ideas, conducting experiments and writing books )25 in all)
Development of idea
- Darwin read Lyll book principles of geology said that present day geological
processes explain history of earth- gradualism
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