BIO220H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Logistic Function, Inflection Point, Exponential Growth

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14 Mar 2016
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BIO220H1 Full Course Notes
BIO220H1 Full Course Notes
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Lecture 16: ecology and evolution of harvested populations. Simple models of species growth and harvesting strategies. Model for how populations grow: the general rule. Harvest out the recruitment and leave the stock alone. Stock: the current population: simple model for population growth. Dt = change in time (thus dn/dt = change in abundance over time) R = intrinsic rate of population growth of the species. K = carrying capacity (overall number of individuals the habitat can support) When n approaches k, the rate becomes 0, as the number of individual species approaches the absolute limit that it can support, population growth will slow. As n 0, dn/dt rn dn dt. Real populations seem to exhibit this population growth: density-dependent growth rate can limit population size, tern carrying capacity on islands is limited by nesting space, while it"s not perfect, you can see the logistic growth pattern in life.