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lec27 soon-yi part 1 glycolysis
lec27 soon-yi part 1 glycolysis

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Baker

BCH210H1LECTURE 27Case Study Soonyi Swift Part I1The beach2Muscle Phosphocreatine ATP and Glucose3Glucose as Fuel for Muscle4GLycolysis5Glycolytic Enzymes6Anaerobic Glycolysis and Cramping7Regulation of Glycolysis Carbohydrates and Energy Metabolism in Marathon RunningSoonyi Swift is 20 years of age and a second year student in Life Science at the U of TShe trained for the marathon for four years with the Balmy Beach Track Club in the hopes of joining the Canadian track team for the Olympics in Beijing 2008But her best time was 10 min slower than the cut time imposed by the COC in 2004 for the Athens Olympicsso she needed more trainingSoonyi is 97 lb 44 kg and during her training participated in four marathons 42 km eachHer practice schedules involved 3 formats oExtended runs 15 km shorter runs 510 km and rest daysThe rest days were essential for Soonyi to rebuild her body fuel compound reservesOn this training day she got up at 6am on a cool dry morning late in OctoberoShe will be running along The Beach in Torontos East EndShe has had nothing to eat since last night at 8pmThe beach and boardwalk are now deserted and she slowly begins her warmups1BCH210H1LECTURE 27Soonyis muscle cells need ATP for muscle contractionShe does have ATP in her muscle cells at about 3 mMoBut her exercises are using up this energy nucleotideoATPHOADP Pi H2oAs muscles are contracting when doing preliminary stretches ATP is turned to ADP to support contractionTo regenerate ATP using phosphocreatine oCreatine phosphate 25 mM in muscle now is used to sustain ATP levelsPCrADPATPCrPhospholink is high in energy can be used to transfer P from phosphocretine and onto ADPPCr supporting ATP for a certain period of time but then PCr starts to be degraded and ATP fallsOver initial time period PCr is in supportAs ATP is maintained PCr breaks down and then ultimately ATP goes down toooPCr is first line of defence supporting ATP levels in muscles for first few minutes as activity increases2
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