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Lecture 19

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Lecture 19 -On populations, virulence can reduce the overall fitness of a population -A disease model by Roy Anderson establishes three components to disease ecology -For disease growth, B refers to transmission rate, and divide it by the recovery rate gives the spreading rate -An epidemic occurs if this Ro is greater than 1 -A vaccination essentially slows down this infection rate by decreasing the amount of susceptible people -Vaccination is quite difficult since it is hard to eradicate a sufficient amount of individuals and reduce it to less than an Ro of 1 -In colonial birds such as swallows, parasites tend to be frequent because of communal nests -After spraying nests with fumigations that will kill off parasites, the average number of offspring increase from 7 to 9 -Seroprevalence is the existence of antibodies in one’s blood, and the seroprevelence AMONG BISONS IS QUITE PREVALENT -At a certain critical size, the pathogen cannot spread fast enough, and this gives credence to the idea of culling herds of animals -There is much argument that humans had evolved when there were very few people living together, which is quite the opposite of today’s situation -In the past, it was harder for the growth rate of parasites, which needed to be much slower due to infrequent and small human bands -Successful parasites must have a slow growth rate and persist in an individual for a long duration -Long lived, non-lethal and non-virulent parasites were likely the norm -Looking at disease prevalence in hunter gatherer societies, data suggests that abo
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