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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Jane Mitchell

Lecture 7 Transcription 11Molecular definition of a gene2Transcription and RNA polymerase in prokaryotesMolecular definition of a geneoInvokes the whole idea of coded information and turning it into something that the cell can useoThe entire nucleic acid sequence usually DNA that is necessary for the synthesis of a protein and its variants or RNA In other words genes are segments of DNA that are transcribed into RNAThe resulting RNA encodes a proteinThe end product simply functions as RNATranscriptionoTranscription is a controlled mechanism which is used to modify patterns of expressionit allows the cell to determine what level of expression is going to occur for that encoded informationSchematic of RNA polymeraseoIt must be transcribed in one of the strands in 5 to 3oThere are 4 different types of subunits5 in total because theres the newly duplicated subunitCatalyzes the sequential addition of nucleotidesoRNA nucleotides are linked by phosphodiester bonds through ribose phosphate backbonesoRibose sugars instead of deoxyribose sugarsoReplacement of uracil with thymineoBut the chemistry is sameoIt doesnt need primer to initiate chain synthesis It can start simply by recognizing complimentary strand of DNAGeneration of RNA transcriptoTemplate is single stranded DNAoRNA NTPs is li
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