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Lecture 8

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Jane Mitchell

Lecture 8 Ppt20 But when GTP is lost… the microtubule shrinks really fast. This is because the individual protofilaments have weak bonds—they separate when the cap is lost But since the mico-dimers have strong bond, they stay together And these leads to Curling!!! (The ER and Golgi are located in the cell body) Motor proteins: *motor proteins use ATP to move along the microtubules for transporting organelles. Ppt25 By the signal they can change their direction They are polar due to the arrangement Treadmillling range: at one point there, they reach a critical concentration(equilibrium) Iclicker If you give a continuous dose of labelled actin monomers to a short ―treadmilling‖ filament, where do you expect to find the labelled monomers over time? A.Plus end B.Minus end C.Entire filament D.In a band that moves from the plus to the minus end.(this couljd be ANS if it is pulse! Not continuous) E.Both A and B 16 MyosinII along act
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