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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Notes

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James Thomson

Lecture 17 Human Population EcologySlide 2Human impact is a function of population and consumption affluence and technologyoAffluencethe consumption that humans are imposing on natural systemsoTechnologyefficiency with which that affluence is gainedSlide 4Exponential growth model cant be sustained forever it may fit this model for a while but not indefinitelyoThis model will hold for any population that has constant birth and death rates oIf rates are constant and if birth rateimmigrationdeath rateemigration population growth is densitydependent and exponentialoExponential growth if r0oFor any population that grows and the parameters stay constant they will grow faster and fasterrtdNdtrN solved as NNet0Slide 6The simplest model of densitydependent regulation is the logistic modeloDensitydependentgrowth rates are not constant but vary with the number of individuals in the populationLogistic growthsigmoid growth asymptotic approach to carrying capacity KoPopulation starts with exponential growth but flattens out at K oThe breaking term KNK shows how resources are being exhausted Slide 7The data from Allee from before 1949 best fit the sigmoid curve They reached the conclusion that the carrying capacity would be 26 billion people
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