Lecture 20

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Lecture 20Tuesday Nov 20 2007Preclass pep talk dont phone me dont email drop by in person term test 1 related talk etcStart of class 1515Influenza Virusp133 to p136 inclusiveI went through the classification I went a bit through the cycle last class This is very important part please I was going through the virus itself A diagram of it referring to previous lectureIt has 2 kinds of glycoprotein Glycoprotein means protein has sugar attached to it You have hemagglutinin Why they call it hemagglutinin Because agglutinate means attach hemagglutinin means red blood cells So this hemagglutinin has a property its a glycoprotein of the virus which if you put it to red blood cells it agglutinates the red blood cells Thats why they call it hemagglutinin originally its a historical name Its a glycoprotein on the surfaceThe function of this hemagglutinin is to bind on the surface of cells to sialic acid Sialic acid is a very common molecule on the surface of cell in upper and lower respiratory tract So allow virus to attach to the cell and you have receptormediated endocytosis and the virus gets in Thats the function of hemagglutinin Its a glycoprotein coded for by the virus One of the 8 pieces is coded for by the virus 1700Neuroaminidase is another glycoprotein on the surface of the virus This one its function is really to release the virusBecause neuroaminidase its an enzyme it is a glycoprotein its function is to cut the neuroaminidic acid which is sialic acid It will cut the sialic acid to release the virus when its going out of the cell If you inhibit this this neuroaminidase the virus cannot release stuck to the surface cannot spread and can be killed easily The Tami flu is a drug against influenza virus it is the most prominent one now it can inhibits neuroaminidase it stops the function of the neuroaminidase which means the virus cannot get out of the cell cannot spread because still attach to the cell This is very efficientProblem in Japan they are using it as a preventative medicine now the virus developed resistance to it Which means some virus strain somehow mutated and now the drug doesnt bind to it anymore now the virus has resistance to it Resistance means the virus gained mutation now you can swallow tami flu as much drug as you want it wont do anything 1900off topicI will tell you why because WHO was stockpiling drugwhich is called rimandinaze against influenza drug They were afraid well get a pandemic that can kill 100 million people They stocked drug for the whole world Now discovered about 90 of the circulating influenza virus are resistant to it the rimandidine wasted billions of dollars stocking up the drugTami flu is now the sexist one but virus starting to show some resistance to it That is why we are afraid of a pandemic of the influenza virus at any time
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