Lecture 32

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

LECTURE 32 January 29 2008200 Make summary table for all viruses point form Influenza virus RNA 8 or 7 pieces ABC 3 types A is the most serious one antigenic shift for A only antigenic drift for B and C capsnatching M2 proton pumpacidification Make the table short just main points600 Page 202 PositiveSense Enveloped RNA VirusesThis time we look at positivesense enveloped RNA viruses 1Togavirus toga have envelope Alphavirus Sindbis virus the most important is the Rubivirus rubella virus from rubies less serious now but still serious since have vaccine for it nowinetersting virus Then we have the encephalitic causing virus such as alphavirus and sindbis virus transmitted by mosquitoes and cause encephalitis as well as others such as eastern equine encephalitis equine means in horses and cause encephalitis in humans western equine encephalitis Venzuelen Chikumgunya Mayano Ross River these are all names of the places where the viruses have been isolated Most of them are all encephalitic meaning they cause encephalitis Rubella virus doesnt only in humans 2Flavivirus a large group flavi comes from flavone meaning yellow These are the yellow viruses Yellow fever virus Pestivirus Hepatitis C virus hepaciviruses cause yellowing since cause jaundice 3Coronavirus Crononafrom crown because under the microscope they look like a crown of the kingqueen The sexiest virus of the coronavirus is the SARS virus recent outbreak Typical Human coronavirus can also cause diarrhea and the new one SARS probably mixed with bird viruses cat viruses and end with a new varianta serious one which is the SARS virusThese are all RNA viruses which means the genome is directly translatable by the ribosomes and they also have an envelopethats a catch1030 Page 203 Family Togavirus The Alphavirus Sindbis and Semliki Forest are usually icosahedral but they have an envelope around They are pleomorphic because the envelope around is kind of fluffy but inside you have an icosohedral usually Triangulation number T4 and they have glycoprotein spikes on the surface of the virus which means that the lipid bilayer of the envelope of the virus coming from the lipid bilayer of the cell glycoproteins are anchored to it Those on the surface are receptor binding sites for attachment to cells and entry of the virus to infecting cell The genome of these viruses with linear nonsegmented single stranded RNA Monopartite means one piece of RNA not divided it is positive sense meaning it is directly translatable by the ribosomes Size can be form 9 to 11 thousand nucleotides long They have a poly A tail at the 3 end and 5 cap m7GpppGp
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