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Lecture 1

CHM135H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Interphase, Blackboard, Prentice Hall

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Scott Browning

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-Going over course outline
1st experiment
A container with a divider
Pour cold and hot water
Blue in the cold
Red in the hot
Projection on what will happen when the divider is removed
Red water on top of blue
Blue (cold) move to the bottom because it is more dense
We heated the water molecule up, they move faster, they move faster
so they are less dense
Purple interphase, why it is mixed in the intermix,
What will happen if we left it long enough?
How does that happen?
They all become the same temp, all the water will be the same temp,
equilibrium, heat transferred, how does hat happen, water molecules
transfer energy as they collide, red move faster, cold move slower,
energy transferee by colliding so they eventually moving at the same
speed and so equilibrium is reached.

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Chm139, is all about, macroscopic observed and explanations on the
molecular level (microscopic level).
Going over course info sheet
Dr, Quinlun
Lecturing first four weeks of class
Course coordinator
Units 1 and2
Email is the best way to reach her
PHD in inorganic chemistry
Office hours, Thursday's 10-11 LM108. 80 st George street
1-2 pm WW121 (except this Th in LM 108) and after evening lectures.
117/119 st George street
Whoever is lecturing is taking over the office hours
Prof. Goh. Units 3 and 4
Prof. Segal units 5 and 6
Administrator- dr. Chulliparambil
Office- LM116
First two weeks, office hours, M-R (Thursday) 1030-1230 and 230-400
F 1030-1200 130-3
Any changes to the course such as don't have a lab or tutorial section,
or need any changes.
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