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Lecture 1

CLA219H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Epigraphy, Bsc Young Boys, Theogony

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Regina Hoschele

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Lecture 1 September 7th - Women in Antiquity
Sources for this study: archeological material evidence, Epigraphy (inscriptions), artifacts,
literature (philosophical, historical, scientific, mythological, poetic)
The afoeetioed do’t gie us iediate iteatios ito the iepoit of oe at the
time especially due to most of the above being made or written by men and with the male
Content for the course:
Introductions; Goddesses in Ancient Myth
Women in Ancient Myth Praise and Blame
The Ancient Gender Discourse; sex, adultery prostitution, PEDERASTY young boys in
antiquity were on the same pedestal as women
Women in Art
Atiuity’s ost faous poetess o ReCostutig “appho
Poetic presentations of Women
Daily lives and legal status of women
The female Body; Ancient Gynecology
Women and Ritual
Women and Politics
Historical Women I: Ptolemaic Women from Berenice to Cleopatra
Historical Women II: Cornelia, Clodia, Livia, Roman Empresses
Historical Periods
1. Ancient Greece
2. Archaic Period: ca. 750-500 BC
3. Classical Period: ca. 500-323 BC (Death of Alexander the Great)
4. Hellenistic Period: ca. 323-31 BC (Battle of Actium)
5. Imperial Period: Rome as a new political power (Greece becomes a province in 146 BC)
6. Rome: founded in 753 BC
7. Roman Republic: ca. 500- mid-first century BC (monarchy was overthrown in 509 BC;
civil wars in 1st century BC lead to end of the republic)
8. Roman Empire: ca. 30 BC 3rd century AD
9. Late Antiquity: ca. 4th-6th century AD
Polis Cultue ity state
The Parthenon on the Acropolis; constructed between 447-432 BC Periclean Age. During this
age Greece was found with peace and wealth many arts and literature were conceived then
i.e the tragedies.
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