Kratos power
Demos the people
Thats were democracy power of the people
Athens was a direct democracy they directly vote to go to war and show of hands
2. not everyone was happy, Athens was not always democracy in the archaic people
aristocrats ruled
1.Old elites not a fan demos not the citizen but the great mob, unwashed, the tyranny
of the mob
2.Another tension people were not citizens, direct democracy direct nothing to non
3.Citizens were men born to Athenian parents
a.Excludes women
b.Excluded resident aliens
c.Excluded slaves
i.Could slaves granted freedom, not part linage, join class of resident
4.Epitaphios is grave logos speech is the tradition of the oral tradition of funeral
therefore it is the speech of the grave
5.Older tradition
6.Kleos civic version
7.Pericles the way of life which made us great, few details, not exactly winning
a.Doesnt get into the complicated realities of war
b.Why are we fighting war to encourage what makes Athens worth fighting for
and dying for
8.A window in Athenian values
9.Thucydides every year chosen by the city of their reputation, this time it was
10.Pericles was a general of the war, politician and statesmen for Athens
11.Pericles funeral oration, or Thycudies
12.Thycuides pride him over his vigor, only plainest evidence
13.Remember the speeches 30 or 25 years earlier and tries to remember them
14.Vision of an ideal Athens own ideal of itself
a. Speech that lays out Athenian ideals
b.Pericles too, making their deaths worth something
c.Both equally qualified both have reasons to do so
15.Presents of the Athenian ideal how can we mine a text of explicit and implicit text
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