CLA233H1 Lecture Notes - Vestal Virgin, Lucretius, Pantheism

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13 Apr 2012

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CLA233-Lecture March 29, 2012
Religion under the emperors
Men and women participate in religion differently
How is religion used in public space> is it available?
Labels can be extremely misleading
Isis that you worship in Rome and Isis that you worship in Egypt are
different figuresmeans different things
Not exactly foreignexotic and strange elements to it not part of Roman
religion but not part of Egyptian religion either
Established figures not okay with novelty
New cults considered foreign and criminal because they are new
Immediate hostel reaction to something newcenturies later what had
seemed new and radical and dangerous is now normal and apart of being
When do the elites adopt it?-->when they do its not longer a scary sex cult
Old religion is older and more traditionalcontrolled by the elites, chief
offices are held by chief people of the state
State religion in the imperial agecontrolled by emperor
Once more integrated becomes less of a problem
Romans prize being able to think simultaneously
The new cultthey are new and different by definitionthis offers new
opportunities for personal fulfillment
Gives new opportunities for personal participation
New and different social connections that wouldn’t be available in older
Not either or not exclusiveyou can go to multiple shrines and multiple
festivals and participate broadly
Other religions tend to be narrow and exclusive
If its going to be official the emperor has to back it he’s head of the state
religiontradition overseen by him
Half of the temples in the imperial period are dedicated to emperors
Religion and politics not separate In Rome
Used to Romanize roman games roman offices some of the first things to
show up
Romans don’t demand that you surrender your old traditions but as you to
take on theirs
Promotion of emperors by emperorsthey have religious innovations
African emperor promoting a religion that’s his religion on one hand and
quasi traditional on the other
Pushing traditions that mark them and who they are- Emperors
Interventions in religions
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