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Betsy Bennett Purvis

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June 5, 2013 CLA204 WEEK 10 Myths of Jason Near Eastern Parallels The Argonauts on Lemnos Stop on island of Lemnos, women of Lemnos refused to worship Aphrodite so she punishes the women by cursing them with a terrible smell so that their husbands cant sleep with them thus they go find other nearby women and the wives kill all their husbands, Argonauts spend one year there repopulating. They spend an entire year doing that. Thrace/Phineus and the Harpies They stop in Thrace they are nervous cuz this part of the sea is very difficult to traverse, they encounter Phineus a man who lives in Thrace he has the gift of prophecy given from Apollo but he gives away too much information abt what is going to happen so the gods punish him by sending a group of harpies half women half birds their job is to stand by Phineus and take away his food every time he tries to eat it. He is thin and weak when Argonouts get there. Argonauts say they will kill harpies if Phineus tells them their future and how they are going to get threw passage in the black sea of the clashing rocks. The Clashing rocks (Symplegades)
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