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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 sept 17th 2013.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Carter

Lecture 2 sept 17 2013  The Plan for today- o Competition among the gods o Competitions bt gods and mortals o Lust, love and marriage o The song of demodocus o Gods as helpers o Why did people actually worship these gods?  Polytheism vs monotheism- belied in the existence of multiple gods o Greeks didn’t have a holy text- no rules really, they did have rutuals but not like other religions where there are rules, but with the greeks there was a lot of flexibility  Anthropomorphism- belief that the gods have human form o Greeks believed that gods looked like humans o The Greeks have superhuman powers but also have human personalities o The Greeks think as gods as people o The gods can do whatever they want without getting punished for it o We cant think the greek gids as role models o They do whatever they want and people cant do the same  Olympains  o Zeus- king storm/sky god, law o Hera-queen, marriage, family o Poseidon- sea, eathquakes o Demeter- fertility, grain o Hestia- heath, household o Aphrodite- love, sex o Apollo- sun, reason, wisdom, oracle, music, prophesy, justice and order, medicine, sickness o Artemis- hunting, forest, virgin goodness o Athena- olive tree, war, daughter of Zeus, came out of his head, nobility, wisdom, o Hephaestus- ugly, walks with a limp, marrys to Aphrodiate o Ares- war, violence o Hermes- messenger god, pariants of thieves, trickster, transitions o Hades- underworld, the dead o Dionysus- ecstasy, wine, theater o Persephone- underworld, marriage o Asclepius- medices and healing  Things that show off the bad size of the god  Gods as always in comeption with each other, never fogive, hold grudges,  When the gods are acting comeptivily hunmans are the only ones that always get hurt  Hippolythus and Aphrodite (406-10)- Hippolytus is a hunter and worships artemis o Aphrodite isn’t happy about hippolythus not worshiping her fso arphrodate gets mad and meakes hippoluthuy step mother fall in love with him o Hippoluthy doesn’t want anything about women o The step mother kills herself and she leaves a letter that said tht Hippoluthus raped her and that’s why she killed herself o The dad somes come and puts a curse on hippoluthus bc he had three wishes o A bull comes running and kills hippolythus  Aphrodiate and Anchises -202-7) o The story goes tha zeus is really made that arhrodiate always makes him fall in love and ne has sme many mistreses so he causes her to fall in love with a sheppard boy
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