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chapter 4

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Claesson Welsh

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Sep 22, 2010 Creation Myths Ctd - The Titans o Hesiod names twelve Titans; some more important than others o Oceanus and Tethys > Oceanids (spirits of waters) o Hyperion and Theia Helius (sun-god) Selene (moon) Eos (dawn) o Helius son Phaethon - Castration of Uranus o Youngest Titan; Cronus who was wily o Uranus puts children born from Gaia back into her; doesnt allow them to emerge Some say that he shoves them back into the wombor putting them back into the earth o Gaia, in pain, fashions a sickle which Cronus takes o When Uranus next went to Gaia, Cronus castrates Uranus and throws the genitals away From genitals = various divinities and forces; Aphrodite o Overthrow of older generation, rise to power of younger children o Theme of overthrowing older gen through trickery - Birth of Zeus o Gaia + Uranus = Cronus, Rhea; Cronus + Rhea = Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus o Cronus swallows his children bc told hell be overthrown by one o Rhea gives birth on Crete @Lyct
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