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chapter 8

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Claesson Welsh

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Oct 1, 2010 Athena - Erechtheion: main worship place for Athena - Owl her symbol; in Athens coins have her profile on one side and the owl on the other - Zeus swallowed mother (Metis) while preg bc afraid that son would overthrow him o Athena born from his head; is his favourite o Born in full armour; leaped from his head o In some versions she does so w a warcry as well o Hephaestus the axe-wielding midwife; who cracked open Zeus head - Metis = wisdom, council, advise, cunning, craft o Athenas wisdom, war, the loom - Zeus often uses Athena as rep of his will - Born from Zeus, emphasizes her masculinity; she never marries or bears children - Athena and Poseidon o Doesnt have much of a childhood o Contest for supremacy in Athens and Attica o Both present the cities w gift o Poseidon: a salt spring (strikes earth w trident) o Athena: olive tree (strikes earth w spear OR in other accounts she just plants it) - The Erechtheion; w an olive tree that Athenians claim that Athena had grown; also include spot where they say is the spot where Poseidon struck the earth for the salt spring - Parthenon and Erechtheion on a rocky outcropping high above the city - Parthenon: built bw 447 and 438 BC o Embodies Greek triumph - Panathenaia Fest
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