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chapter 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Claesson Welsh

Oct 4, 2010 Chapter 9: Aphrodite - Botticellis painting of Aphrodite - Born from the sea from Uranus genitalia after he was castrated o Floats along the sea, comes to shore by Cyprus after passing Cythera - Diff story of birth: Zeus and Dione (which means she-Zeus) o Dione consort of Zeus @Dodona (not Hera); could be daughter of Titan, or an Oceanid o This gives Aphrodite a proper Olympian birth; a younger Olympian not older > regularized o Originally the gods can beget children on their own; but bc gods get anthropomorphized, harder to tell story of a man giving birth > so Zeus and female-Zeus reproduce So kind of giving birth by himself but not really - Pattern of gods being reborn o Explains why there are distinct stories of gods that are different; update old gods to become part of their new system of gods > regularized, relevant - Important aspects in descending order: o Sex, love, beauty, fertility; goddess of marriage (the love in the marriage) o Sea; sometimes as goddess of sailors o War (localized only in a few places: Sparta, Cythera) - Aphrodite Urania (heavenly) > celestial love; noble-spirited - Aphrodite Pandemos (of all the people) > physical love o Platos idea > very philosophical; divides Aphrodite into two o But in the religious aspect Aphrodite is not that divided - Aphrodite Urania was ve
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