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CLA219H1F MIDTERM #2 FIGURES LIST Adonis: mortal lover of Aphrodite/Venus. Was gored by a boar after not heeding Aphrodite’s pleas to not go hunting. Adonia is a festival during which women lament Adonis’ death by hanging from rooftops and growing gardens which they then let die to represent Adonis’ short life. They also have a mock funeral for him. Aglaurus: Daughter of Cecrops. Myth of Erechthonius, the son born from Hephaestus’ attempted rape of Athena (he ejaculates on her thigh, which Athena wipes off with wool, from where E is born). Aglaurus and her sisters (Herse and Pandrosus) are given a basket to not check, they of course check the basket (typical female curiosity) and Erichthonius is in it with snakes. They are so frightened that they jump off the Acropolis and die. Alkibiades: Lover of Philotes’ adulterous wife, whom he meets at a funeral (one of the public functions which women would be allowed to attend). He is killed by Philotes, and Lysias write a speech against Akibiades. Askelpias: Son of Apollo, god of medicine and healing. Rod of Asclepius is still the symbol of medicine. Clodius Pulcher: A Roman man who dressed as a woman to infiltrate the Bona Dea festival, held in the house of Julius Caesar and hosted by his wife. Clodius Pulcher was discovered and charged with desecration (a very serious crime). He is eventually acquitted but JC divorces his wife. Boutes: Son of Pandion (king of Athens), brother of Erechteus. Split the royal powers of Pandion with Erechteus, and received the sacred powers. Father of the Eteoboutadai genos, from which the priestess of Athenia Polias is selected (an example of a gentilician priesthood). Cecrops: the first king of Athens. Father of Herse, Aglaurus and Pandrosus. Associated with the myth of Erichthonius and the Arrhephoria (Carrying of Secrets), a religious festival associated with sexual initiation and snakes (a phallic symbol). Erechtheus: Son of Pandion, brother of Boutes. Received the physical rule of Pandion who was the king of Athens. Erigone: Daughter of Icarius. She find the cor
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