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Gods and Mortals Lecture Note- apologies for mis-spelling

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Lecture Gods and Mortals Gods are different other from the other others we will be talking about this termIn contrast with women and barbarians greek men are defined as superior In relation to the Gods Greek men are inferiorMorals are always inferior to godsMyths are told Arachne could rival Athena entered into competition with her punished Arachne by turning her into a spider Gods always prevail and always come out on top by nature superior to mortals and you better not forget it otherwise youre turned into an insectWhen you contrast yourself to others inferior to you you see yourself as specialComparing yourself to the Gods lets you think about your limitations The Gods were uniquely good for thinking about humanity because they were similar to and different from human beingsThere are lots of minor differences between Gods and Mortals one of them being is that Humans have blood and Gods have iffer and Gods dont eat human food The major difference is Gods are all powerful and Gods live forever Gods have power and immortality For example Aphrodite is all powerful in love and sexual desire Gods have absolute in power in their domain and over all human beings Another difference is mortality moral comes from mort death Human beings were thnatoi those who are going to die the Gods are athanatoi not going to die mortals and immortalsGods can get involved in human affairsEos Goddess of the dawn fell in love with a beautiful young man named Tithonus loved him so much that she snatched him to be her boyfriend gave him eternal life but she forgot to ask for eternal youth illustrates that human beings cannot live forever Aging and death are a natural part of our existence Greek religion is anthropomorphism representing the Gods in human shapeAnthropos human beingMorphais shape Greeks imagine their Gods not only to have human shape but also to have human emotion human desire human motivationWe see many good examples of this for example in Homers Illiad On one hand you have the Greeks and Trajans but you also have the Gods up on Olympus rooting for their favourite sides invested in human affairs but they do not suffer from them in the same way as human beings example of this Sarpedon hes human hes son of Zeus feeling for humans and interaction in human affairs but difference or mortality In book 1 Achilles is being dishonered by his fellow Greeks so he goes to his mother and complains to her on being dishonoured his mother started to go flirt with Zeus who was later questioned by his wife Hera conflict arisesvery human scene Later on Hera was hoping to get Zeus back thus she tried to use sex to get her own way clearly shows that these Gods have human aspects Though the difference is when they have sex flowers grow around them P
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