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Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Intro to Greek Culture and Society Monday January 10 2011th Who were the Ancient Greeks? They often defined themselves as whatwho they werent Not being a non-Greek Learning about what made a non-Greek helps us understand what is was to be a Greek Male vs. Female Greeks saw themselves as masculine and non-Greeks as feminine The Greeks also defined themselves against the Gods to think not about what made them superior (as with barbarians and women) but what gave them limitations Also used slaves, animals to think about their identity So, we will be looking at these Others through Greek eyes in order to define the Greek self It is important to remember that were looking at the Others through Greek eyes, not through their own eyes The same should be remembered when looking at women looking at them through male eyes We will also look at the consequences of these assumptions (seeing women as irrational would result in Greeks not wanting irrational beings votingtaking part in politics, for example) Alterity: the relationship between the Self and Other One of the dangers alterity entails is giving a false or simplistic definition of the other so instead of defining what they are, youre just defining them as what you arent Can result in xenophobia and misogyny The other problem with this mode of self-definition is that it can obscure the similarities between the Self and the Other
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