Miss Julie Lecture Notes This contains notes on what the prof has said about the play Miss Julie. It also contains info on Stringbird vs Ibsons point of view on things and their perspectives

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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Allen Akerman

Miss Julie DramaOne of the most poetically known plays of its timeNaturalism in literal was a movement inspired by methods of natural scnChalleneges the idea of cause and effectThese characters has little will like miss JulieStrindberg and ibson father of modern dramaThey focus the drama on the indivual characterIbson is able to draw on the ideas of evn and heredity Willhow responsible do the characters have on their fatePositivismis a system that confines itself to the data of experience not making judgements excludes metaphysic elementsThey were interested in logicPositivme became kwnon for rebuktiaking metaphysicBoth ibson nd strin are interested in the tension between free will and determinismThey r interested in knowing who we are as individualsWhere does self begin and endibsonErosion of subject boundariesibsons workStrin had issues of class within his familyhe felt unwanted while growing upString wrote alot of ibsons interepretation of women he thought ibson gave to much credit to womanStrinthe world itself has no fixed truth th Especially in 19 century man nd female were considered separate categoriesStrin is a problematic naturalistNaturalism for strin included dark scen
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