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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Earth Sciences
Christine Burton

Glg205 J 6 - On earth there are numerous different life forms. This abundamce of different life forms is called biodiversity Prokaryotes - Single celled organisms that have a cell wall but the nucleus of the cell is not bound by a membrane Eukaryotes - Protoctista o Unicellular organization - fungi o Live on decaying organic matter Ecosystem including the organism (biosphere) and its environment (lithosphere, atmostphere, hydrosphere) - Ecosystems have to have energy and nutrient sources (e.g. sun, other organism) - Producers autotrophs - Heterotrophs: organisms that need to consumer complex organic compounds to grow their tissues and for energy - Decomposers o Essential in the decomposition of dead organisms - The feeding level occupied by an organism in a food chain represents its trophic level - 6 elements form about 95% of plant matter: C, H, O, N, S, P Ecological pyramids - Each trophic level is smaller because 10% of energy is lost at each trophic level ecosphere - The majorit
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