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January 27 Lecture

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East Asian Studies
Young Yoo

EAS217 Jan.2711 Women in traditional society - traditional women was Confucian-based; stayed home all the time; were considered as shades or men (dark) - Cosmological view Cosmology = universe: divided in to 2 parts 1. Positive: Yang (Heavenbright side); 2. Negative: Yin (; Earthdark side) - Queen in (7 century) - in Shilla Kingdom (7 century), there existed Queens Enlightenment Period late 19 century, when the Western civilization was introduced to Korean society (ideas, spiritual world, society, education, womens status, etc.); women changed under the Christian influence through missionaries coming from the West - (1876- 1910) Enlightenment Period: western missionaries came and discovered that there was a need to educate women because women would educate their children at home (importance of women in the society)by teaching Hangul and the Bible teachings and bringing them to church - out of this education, women realized the equality of status; a new concept of women in their society - in the early days of Enlightenment Period, women adopted Western names such as Helen, Liz, Esther, etc. - a conflict broke out between the Confucian values and Western values - Xtion influence - Western value vs. Confucian value - Men are superior than women (based on Confucian thoughts) Women under Japanese Colonization - because women were enlightened during this time period, they were actively participating in independent movements; women exposed their abilities in fighting off the Japanese; we see different type of women in this time period compared to the traditional women
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