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Lecture 11

EAS105H1 Lecture 11: The Korean War

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East Asian Studies
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Andre Schmid

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EAS105 – April 2, 2015 The Korean War • War’s connections to the colonial period? o Fragmentation of the nationalist movement along ideological and geographical lines after the March 1 movement o Problem of ‘collaboration’ o Great power conferences on postwar settlements – “in due course” o Division, occupation, and mutually hostile regimes o People’s committees • Why is there a North Korea? • In 1954, the civil war broke out • How the continued division of the peninsula shape so deeply politics in East Asia and everyday life in South Korea • Northeast China Manchuria, feel the presence of North Korea because of politics of North Korea • Cold War – multiple wars going on and get caught up into the structure of the Moscow wash into the Cold War • Cold war is not over, people are still dealing with legacy that people in Europe still deals with it • Because its real that it still deals with life • The way division shapes your family/job opportunity is still In Korea this day • Famous SK author: Lee Min Yeol • Not until 1992, until SK and NK recognize each other • 1993, Lee Min Yeol’s father ended up in the north • Yeol’s novels get translated into Chinese • He didn’t know if his son was alive o Until his friend went to SK and saw his novel • How the question of colonialism, division and war are all related • Debates over when the war started • Consider the consequences of the war for Korea, EA and the world in establishing certain parameters for the Cold War with which we still live • June 25, 1950 o North invades the South • Korean War started on this day • How do you have a North Korea? st • March 1, 1919 – March 1 movement o Major Japanese Korean uprising o 2 million people were in the street demonstrating against Japanese rule, calling for independence • 1919, Europe – peace conferences ending the world war • Over 6 thousand people are killed and many people thrown in jail • First communist party was 1917, in Korea • 1919, number of young Koreans turn to Marxist • And get a fragmentation in the Korean Nationalist movement o Different groups o Very powerful leftist movement inside Korea, and China o Over 35,000 Koreans joined communist party of China and trace back to Mao • 1945, the nationalist movement has various streams o Hasn’t been able to establish the sovereignty of its own effort • 1945, defeat of Japanese empire • What’s going to happen to it? • U.S did not want French and British to establish their empire • 1945 comes, the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki o No Americans near Korea o But there are soviet soldiers o Guys in young 20, decide where to propose to Stalin on how to divide Korea • People are trying to track what’s going on at this time • Story is Stalin did not know he had troops that were already in the Korean peninsula • He answered yes to divide the Korean peninsula at 38 parallel o Where the U.S would take over the South and Soviet took over the North o Assumption being it’s temporary but it’s not • When American soldiers and Soviet soldiers arrive, and Korean comes to Korea o Cold war breaking into Korea before Moscow and Washington o Economy falls apart o By the 1930s and early 40s, Japanese empire developed an integrated economy • Economic structure functioning in the region in 1910 and 1931 • SK which was agriculture and NK is mountains and fewer fields but industry was o Economy falls apart o Collaboration of U.S and Soviet fall o Economy falls • Some segments of the Nationalist movement, left lies with
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