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East Asian Studies
Ken Kawashima

EAS105H1-S Lecture 2 Jan. 26, 2012 Professor Kawashima Modern East Asian History  Commodity value, use value  its utility for profit and imposed on a populations, opium wars o 1st thing it did through force create addiction  create consumers of a commodity o produces needs where needs didn’t exist before, is an economic and military operation  an argument done to death is that it was a clash of civilizations  but can consider it in the form of cycles  at the time China was a mercantile society  what we see 1820’s-1870’s in England  industrialization where we see the norm develop of workers having to sell their labor for the ability to live [while Britain was waging wars in China]  formation of modern working class in Britain  repeated phenomenon where people like Marx, Adam Smith start to notice the internal logic of industrialization, notice the cycles  political economists discover that there are crises every 10 years after industrialization  6 decades of industrialization development allowed Ricardo, Marx to develop economic theory b/c they noticed the cycles and crises every 10 years  why 10 years happened to coincide with lifespan of machinery  not a cause but a symptom  after the 1870’s, the economic crises became more erratic and unpredictable [ we are still in one now]  some scholars say there are things like epic recessions after a period of chronic recessions  currently in the longest recession after & longer than the one in 1929  opium wars an encounter of consuming + selling  British merchant class
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