EAS103H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Ihara Saikaku, Bunraku, Satin

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31 Aug 2017

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Describe most important connection, NOT define
Final asks for short definition AND connection
No choices
Short answers (10 questions, 5 points each)
Similar to questions asked in lecture
Choice of essay topics
One essay question (50 points)
EA Cities as convergence of networks (people, knowledge, commerce, power)
Children grew up together in Edo: same culture
Population growth
Make sure power doesn’t stay in hands of warlords
Crucial population in city
Had government support
Many struggled with finances and making a living
Samurai class only 7% of total population
Edo's transformation (sankin kotai)
Successive conquered states from the North made it the capital
History of Beijing as successive capitals
Last Week: Cities
Only 7% of overall population
Large portion of cities
Some struggled with $$
Samurai class
Entrepreneurs with many profit-making models
E.g. Joke books, recipe books, manuals
Entertain and direct city dwellers and travellers
Major influence on publishing, arts, popular culture
Entertainment, reading, etc.
Different business models for catering to samurai
Kyoto: produced good textiles, managed finances
Edo: Ran factories, designed houses, sold buddhist relics
Samurai Class<--> Chonin
Puppet theatre (bunraku)
Urban literature Ihara Saikaku
Consumers (samurai) drive this industry
Chonin and Popular Culture
Consumption and food habits evolved from Sankin Kotai
Sankin kotai<-->Soba noodles
Rise of silver economy
Western presence
European missionaries
"Barbarians" and Business
Lecture 9: Barbarians and Business
November 29, 2016
10:15 AM
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