Lecture Notes- Chapter 11 - Crime Nov 25 2009

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24 Aug 2010

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ECO320H1 t Economic Analysis of Law (November 25th 2009)
Criminal Law
Slide 2:
- Cause & mens rea (criminal intent)
- Murder t cause harm likely to cause death, cause death t must have intent to murder
- Criminal negligence causing death
- Tort = victim of tort brings lawsuit
- Public harm/injury = e.g. cyclist gets hit, affects all other cyclists (?)
o Our enjoyment of life is diminished when harm is caused
- Prosecution = officer of the crown
- Plaintiff is the state (state = government)
- &]v}((AZÇ}v}vo}µ[~õì9
Slide 3:
- Rehabilitation => correctional facilities (e.g. pick up job skills)
- Difference between prevention and deterrence
o When defendant is locked up, prevented from harming others
o Offender is prevented from committing crimes against the public
o Even though there is no deterrence/rehab, still locked up and restricted from commiting
further crime
- Retribution = revenge (prosecuted should suffer)
Slide 4:
- Legal wage rate t what would have been eared legally
o The higher the rate, the lower the probability of crime
o Hourly income arising from illegal activities t look at time spent form illegal activities
and determine the benefits
o + legal consequences
Slide 5:
- Are criminals rational?
- What do they maximize?
- ...most relevant?
- YÆo]vM
Slide 6: (CENSUS tract data)
- Different for every census tract
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