EEB340 - Lecture 4

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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
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Rowan Sage

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Lecture 4 Origin of Land Plants Evolution of Meristems and Parenchymatous GrowthEvolution of Parenchymatous TissueMeristemsGrowthMeristems of Green Algal Ancestors single apical cell divisions always anticlinal to the surface never parallelSeedless Vascular PlantsPterophytaFerns Equisitium PsilotumLycophyta club mossesGametophyte is dominant form for hornworts liverworts and mossesSporophyte dominant for seedless vascular plants and onwardsLycopodium o Epidermis from all periclinal divisions o Actively diving cells anticinally or periclinally make up the meristemSincle apical cellincrease in plasmodesmata lots of communicationMultiple Initials
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