ENG150Y1 Lecture Notes - Gluttony, Cultural Anthropology, Aeneid

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Published on 14 Apr 2013
Dante, Inferno (Lecture 1)
Dante The Pilgrim
Universal 'everyman'
historical individual
Dante the Poet
The Narrator
The Author of the poem
The Story is about the changing of Dante. It is an autobiography of himself changing from the
pilgrim to the poet. This story is written as if these events genuinely happened to Dante, that he
went through hell and is now re-living the experience in a sense.
The journey of the pilgrim becoming the poet is a journey.
The "Poetics of Conversion"
"The pilgrim's view is much like our own view of history and of ourselves: partial, perhaps
confused, still in the making. But the poet's view is far different, for it is global and comprehensive,
the total view of a man who looks at the world, his neighbourhood, and indeed himself with all the
detachment of a cultural anthropologist. The process of the poem, which is to say the progress of
the pilgrim, is transformation of the problematic and humanistic into the certain and transcendent,
from novelistic involvement to epic detachment." - John Freccero
an autobiographical change.
Dante and the Three beasts
the sun represents goodness, something that will save him, but on his way up the mountain he
runs into three challenges: three beasts that represent human sin. She wolf represents gluttony,
aside from that the other's are unclear.
he goes through the afterlife to complete a sense of conclusion, enlightenment, bettering
himself. Going through hell is his way of assenting up the hill.
Virgil is his guide through hell. A pagan.
Canto 3: When the description of there being so many souls that it can be compared to the
falling of leaves of trees, it can be compared to Virgil's Aeneid when he goes to hell.
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