Symposium Lecture 1

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Published on 11 Jan 2011
Lecture # 6 Symposium Cont
Concept of mediation creates an unsettled sense of the story because its being passed down
from person to person; layers separating our knowledge; chain of knowledge; concept of
Topic of conversation if love, each person makes a speech of a formal quality that takes place in
an informal settingspeeches one through 6 are praises of love but the 7
is about Socrates
Pausanias love makes you do crazy thingsfocus on the nature of the lover and the
belovedfocus on a male on male relationship and the male is the higher form of beingmind,
soul, character and virtuerelationship where two people are unequal in age and
experiencetheres one who is loved and one who is the lovercommon love: same sex
and its physical love pg 14 vs. celestial love: male on male; about the mind and based on the love
of the ideal, the love of the beautiful, the potential for virtue, the lover will grow to love the other
for their virtuous qualities, but the lover benefits because it involves moral growth, a relationship
thats constant
Eryximachus Love is a force of nature pg 20 its present in EVERTYHING that existsits
universal conceptnatural and supernaturallove must be moderate, not brutal
Aristophanes is a comic playwright pg 24-25; staggered beginning then comical beginning
and then conversational beginningthis foreshadows Socrates staggered beginning for his
speechHe makes fun of people he starts off with the creation story pg 25-30 what it is to
love and what it means to love? light comic relief in his speech but its also painful; yearning
for the wholeness and to be one with the beloved pg 29 love is a yearning and active and
motive thing and by the end of it, we want to achieve wholeness, reunion with your other
halfhuman nature
--These speeches represent the two sides of drama (Arist and Agat); the first three are
about the conditions of love
Agathon is the host, famous for writing tragedies he’s a poet and he suggest that poetry in
itself is the expression of love he argues that we should talk about the god of love and the
virtues that arise from it his speech is very static and not as powerful he reflects from
different points of love question of perspective and where you are love is a transcendent
quality32-36 god of love is young and is sensitive and lovely and attractive, fluid and these are
the 4 aspects of loves naturelove empowers you and it could rise to other things pg 34-35;
children of the mind and the body and the mind is more importantaspect of loves
courage and wisdom, children creates everything by lovelove makes poetry
Socrates he creates disorder but its already in the room because of him why does he have
to speak in someone else’s voice?? talks about the real children of love
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