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Lecture 3

ENG252Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Pat Garrett, Metafiction, Rationality

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Robert Mc Gill

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February 1, 2011
Post modern aspects of the book
Historiagraphic metafiction
o Comments upon historiography
Materials ambiguous to the written text
Gives contradictory stories imagination in telling history
History never transparent
Interest in sex and violence
Body as an organism has feeling of violence and vulnerability
o Billy turns away
Angles of room like a photographer
Pat tries to control the body and punish it
o Associated with discipline
Pat Garrett as “Sane Assassin”
Rational and study things
Rationality has no value to it
o No sense of ethics or values
Why hes a real assassin
o Pg 27 “sane assassin”
Text suggesting that he is insane
Rationality is a cornor stone of being sane
However, so rational so now he is insane
Him and billy both violent
Whip symbolizes billy moving in and back of time
o Going back and forth between two subjectivities
Page 54
o Billy usually avoids talking about his death, sometimes flashes of the view
of his death
o Pat less disciplined than billy
o Word comes from word lover
Bodily intimacy violence and intimacy
Always a danger and chaos making ones
body vulnerable to another
Billy and Time
Billy avoiding body and time
o To avoid time is to avoid the time of his own death
Other characters go to a straight line towards their death,
Billy keeps avoiding the time
o When hes burnt in the house
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