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ENG365H1 Lecture Notes - Hyperreality, Miss New Jersey

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Distrust and undermining of authority
Denigration of history
Questioning of progress
Seeing future as empty
Image overload (image fiction)
Heightened self-reflexivity
Questioning of id
Verbal irony (speaking one thing and meaning another)
Dramatic irony (audience/spectator/reader has info that characters lack)
Situational irony: discrepancy between expected and actual result
Hyper-reality: inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from simulation
of reality; describes society dominated by images (as commodities)
i.e. Disneyland’s falseness creates illusion that LA & rest of US are real…
i.e. map that subsumes territory (Borges)
image fiction… glimpse behind the scenes of TV culture
certain subgenre of pop-conscious postmodern fic, mostly written by young
spectatorship, people watching people watching people…
consciousness represented as amalgam of commodities and images
image-fiction reflects hyper-reality by representing world subsumed tv culture
socio-artistic agenda but degenerates into a kind of jeering surfacy look behind
the scenes of the very tv front people already jeer at
stepping away from irony doesn’t mean return into sincerity
Nixon era violent spirit endures in America Perlstein
Storytelling, authorship
Slipping out of own skin
Zuckerman = Roth’s alter ego
Roth’s letter to Zuckerman (I owe everything to you, while you owe me nothing
less than the freedom to write freely…)
American Pastoral page 85
I was thinking again on Swede… perfected image… flushing him out of hiding…
utopian thinking… to the digamous American…
Language echoing the American dream and constitution, biblical language
Pastoral and shepherds
Pastoral: romantic, exaggerated representation of bucolic lives of shepherds
and herdsmen, linked to childhood, innocence, simplicity, peace, implied
opposition to the complexities of city life
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