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The love song of J.Elliot Prufrock - Both wordsworh and Elliot compare sunsets to two different things but they have commonalities - The basis of comparisons are the same – stillness - Words worth compares the sunset to a quiet nun - Eliot compares it to an etherized patient - - At that time ,the invention of ether was remarkable – it was a marker of the modern age - - Both poets used Relative similes to place and time - Key difference the nun used in Wordsworth is quiet by choice - Eliots sun has been etherized by force - - Elliot introduced readers to a new time - We have been trained to accept Elliot’s poetry as real - Literature is always a product of its time and place it is never timeless. - ‘there is no freedom in art’ – freedom only has meaning through strength - Not what is said but how it is said , not written by regular metre is called reversed - Traditional poetry didn’t end in 1915 - “Let us go then you and I …. Sky” it still rhymes. But not in conventional sequence - The one line that does not fit the pattern purposely stands out - I.e. Only 15 percent is free verse - Not to eliminate rhyme, but to depart from it. - - The stance in iambic pentameter is slightly faster than heartbeat - Some reasons we are attracted to poetry An echo of primitive ancestors? - Approximate the rhythms of sexual intercourse? - Inherently pleasurable about rhyme – hardwired to appreciate The recurrence of regular sounds. - Absence of rhyme in poetry and the presence of it in music may be the reason music may have replaced poetry - Grammatical monologue –a long poem spoken by a single speaker ( prufrock is a grammatic monologue) - 3 main feature s: character not the poet speaks the entire poem at a critical moment; addresses other people who are present because of the speakers monologue , it is ungrammatical – the revelation of character . th - It was an Established form since that mid 19 century but not seen much - - The words are untraditional , yet the form and genre of the poem is traditional - Tradition and the individual poem – essay on explanation - Good poetry –good poets know the entire past in a sense that all western
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