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Robin Campbell

Dante, Inferno lecture 1 - Dante was considered so important that it deserved a commentary. - Before reading the poem, distinguish between Dante the Pilgrim (the one going through the journey) and Dante the Poet (the author-telling his story). It’s important since this is a story how Dante the Pilgrim became Dante the author. - Dante the poet always presents this journey as real. - The pilgrims view is confused but the poets view is comprehensive. - In Aenied the transformation happens to a character, but in Dante, it is happening to HIMSELF, he is trying to understand oneself and write ones story. - Dante is reliving the experience while he wrote the poem. “I am going to overcome my fear” - The poem exists with the story of the pilgrim and story of the narrator. - An aspect of this poetic conversion has to do with how one has this experience on attaining a new perspective on oneself. - Dante founds himself in dark woods and he starts walking towards the sun but on the way up the mountain he meets 3 obstacles. Leopard, the lion and the sheep. The sheep bothers him the most which represents the desire for more. - Dante will need a guide in this journey since to overcome the will cannot be done with just you. You will need an outside force. It is not come great Christian thinker it is a pagan and it is Virgil. When he introduces himself, he doesn’t say he is Virgil, he describes himself in elliptical ways. - Dante is signaling his transformation in his poem. - Aeneas says are you a mortal or are you a goddess and Dante says somet
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